Who We Are

The global team at Global Academic Ventures is committed to providing the highest quality of academic programs to enhance each student’s experiential learning opportunities. The company has been pioneering new education programs to appeal to the new generation of study abroad students. Global Academic Ventures' flexible approach while working with new and existing university partners creates a creative melting pot for new program development, that keeps our customers at the forefront of academic programming and the students one step ahead of their peers.

Changing the face of experiential learning

At Global Academic Ventures we believe that every faculty should be able to design their ideal study abroad program without having that program impact their ability to teach or continue their research. We also believe in helping students to achieve their ideal academic experience, and although we only see them for a small part of their university life, we aim to pack as much gainful experience into that time as possible.

Our Ethos

The team at Global Academic Ventures believe that every student deserves a chance to further their professional and personal development through experiential learning. Where better to learn than within their chosen industry or career path. Since our inception in 2005, our purpose has been to build programs that are attainable to the wider student population and rewarding both professionally and academically.

Our university partners agree, and that has fuelled Global Academic Ventures' stance as a leader in overseas programs for undergraduate students and, more importantly, our commitment to enhancing academic programs.