Thinking of hosting a student

Why do students intern?

Real world work experience is a vital part of a business student’s education. An internship gives a student the opportunity to not only apply the knowledge that they have learned in the classroom, but to also build other essential business skills, such as communication skills, networking skills, and teamworking skills.

An internship is also a valuable opportunity for a student to really assess their chosen career field to make sure that is the path they want to take at their stage in life. Some students are more certain than others on their path, and for them, an internship is a chance to narrow down their chosen field. This is typical for students who have already completed an internship.

All business school students aspire to have a job when they graduate from university. The chances of a student gaining employment immediately after graduation are noticeably improved if that student has completed an internship, especially within their career field. The experience makes them a more appealing candidate to companies who understand that this student can perform in a real world situation and not simply in university, and that they have as much experience in the role as they possibly can having been in full time education up until that point.

Why should I host an intern?

Interns can be a valuable asset to a company at any point on the corporate spectrum; from a global corporate; to a single office, local company. The key is matching each intern with the most suitable company for their skills and expectations; whilst also matching the company with the student who has the highest potential for the project or team.

Once an intern is confirmed, the next crucial step is to make sure there are enough tasks and projects to keep the intern gainfully occupied during their internship. Students who complete internships are typically more driven to succeed than those who do not seek internships. Therefore, it is safe to assume that most interns are keen to learn as much as possible through their internship, and that it is very important to them that they add value to the team, and to their projects. A great way to give interns a tangible “result”, is to set them an ongoing project that is expected to take them the length of their internship, and have them give a full presentation at the end, including a written report. This is a tangible end to the internship for the student, and it gives the intern a sense of accomplishment.

Interns can also be hugely inspiring for a team. They are highly enthusiastic about their chosen career field, full of ideas and looking to prove themselves. We often see teams responding to their drive and creativity, and interns are often sorely missed when their internship comes to an end.

What is involved?

Hosting a student for an internship can be a challenging, yet rewarding experience. We understand that hosting a student requires time and patience, and how important it is that the right intern is matched with your project or team. It is extremely important to us, our university partners, and our students, that they learn as much as possible through their internship. Therefore to make sure that each manager and team has the time and energy to help guide an enthusiastic intern in the workplace, we manage everything outside of the internship. This varies depending on each university program, but includes: 24/7 support for the student for the duration of their internship program; 24/7 support for the company hosting the student, in terms of the internship; accommodation; transport; flights; in country orientation; health insurance; university approval; immigration oversight; and the process to match each intern with a company for their internship.

All of our internships are unpaid, although travel stipends are warmly encouraged and appreciated if our accommodation isn’t within walking distance of your office. If you are able to invest time and energy to host an intern, and include them in projects that help grow their skills and experience, then we do not charge you a fee at any stage of the internship program.

If you would like to learn more on our internship placement process, discuss projects that might suit an intern or any part of our internship programs, please contact us.