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The involvement of companies plays an important role in experiential learning for students. Not all students complete internships, some travel in a group with a university program to focus on their area of study. These programs are typically led by a professor who is helping the students' understand the connection between their studies and the real world of business. To do this, many professors see huge value in studying a company, setting a particular area or strategy of the company as a case study, and encouraging the students to research and report on the company. The professor then brings the group to meet with the company, or a particular department at the company, so that students can hear the explanation from the company on this particular topic, and ask questions. After the meeting, the professor will then lead discussions and continue the project, based on what the group has learned directly from the company at that meeting.

Students on this type of academic program will often meet with numerous companies in their field of study to gain a broader understanding of their topic. Some student groups will then continue on to complete an internship.

If you would be happy to host a group of business school students at your office to discuss a certain part of your business, such as marketing strategy, financial modelling or global corporate management, please contact us to discuss.